The Art at Depot
The main artform on show at Depot is cinema, film, the movies, but the venue is also home to some notable visual art.


Stephen Chambers’ The Big Country
The Big Country was created by artist Stephen Chambers RA in 2012 and is now a permanent feauture in the Gallery. The substantial artwork consists of 78 screenprints. Interconnecting across them are figures, landscape, place names, all forming an epic artwork, with themes of travel and the taking of the America west by colonists, “civilisation” meeting the wilderness. Indeed, the work takes its name from a 1958 Western directed by William Wyler.
Julian Bell’s Dancers
Artist Julian Bell previously had his studio here when the old depot was owned by Harvey’s Brewery. In 2012, he created a mural for his sixtieth birthday party, painting images of a dancing figures. It was never meant to be a permanent work, but the dancers live on as decorative prints in the auditoria that now sit in the same space. It is a tribute to the artist, who lost much of his work when the Phoenix theatre and art studios burnt down in 2014.
Neil Turner’s Depot plaque
The older part of the venue features a plaque commemorating its construction for the Royal Mail in 1937. Depot has its own plaque, created especially by local artist Neil Turner. Based on the Depot logo, it is hand-carved from Welsh slate and Portland stone.
Carlotta Luke’s photography
Photographer Carlotta Luke documented the transformation of the Depot site into its modern day guise – in a project which constantly revealed the building in new ways, capturing the contributions of the many craftsmen involved in the project. Her photographs can be seen at