Cinemas of the Mind

The club meets on the second Monday of each month for a post-screening discussion facilitated by Dr Jake Harvey, a forensic psychiatrist, and Jenny Leeburn, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Whilst the discussion will focus on the psychological aspects of the film, and the emotional impact on the viewer, the club is very much open to everyone and all perspectives, views and ideas are most welcome (indeed encouraged). After the film, please get drink and/or snack and we will start the discussion 15mins after the film, usually in the Studio. The discussion will last up to an hour. 

*Cinemas of the Mind, part of the Arts Forum of Psychotherapy Sussex, has been running post screening events since 2001. CPD certificates available on request.

The discussion is included in the cinema ticket price.

Upcoming screenings

Anselm – 3D

Monday 11 December, 18:00

Please note: This is a 3D performance, and requires 3D glasses. We encourage you to bring your own pair. 3D glasses are available from Depot’s Box Office for £2.

Acclaimed filmmaker Wim Wenders returns to the screen with an epic study of German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer. Wenders offers a riveting and visually stunning insight into a career which has spanned five decades, exploring Kiefer’s use of mythology and literature, the preoccupation with his country’s troubled past, as well as his working practices and processes.

A s with Wim Wenders portrait of Pina Bausch in 2011, Anselm is presented in 3D, befitting Kiefer’s monumental creations and the vast spaces in which he works. One sequence shows the artist cycling around his atelier in France, examining pieces which are jaw – dropping in scale.

The film also weaves in re-enactments from earlier in the artist’s life, played by his own son Daniel Kiefer, as well as the director’s grand – nephew, Anton Wenders. A fascinating and immersive retrospective of a major career

‘This is a superbly controlled and expressed film and its high seriousness about the nature and purpose of art really is invigorating’ – Peter Bradshaw, Guardian