Let’s talk about …

In this ongoing thread of films, we screen films that prompt debate. We follow the film screening with an audience discussion about issues raised in the film – topics as diverse as Brexit, death and the menopause.

Our most recent Let’s Talk About screening was the Peruvian film Daughter of the Lake. Landscape splendour, power struggle, violence, faith and cultural heritage all mix in this remarkable documentary about Nélida Ayay Chilón, a young Native American woman able to communicate with water spirits. She uses her powers to try to prevent a mining corporation from destroying a lagoon in her land, a water body surrounded by the majestic Andes and the water source of many local peasants.

The screening was followed by a discussion on the ethics of gold, supported by Sarah Carpin (jewellery publisher), Alexis Dove (Lewes jeweller) and featuring a Skype interview with the director Ernesto Cabellos, live from Peru.