WOFFF 2022 – Women Over Fifty Film Festival

Saturday 24 September

Women Over 50 Film Festival (WOFFF) champions and showcases the work of older women on screen and behind the camera with an annual short film festival and year round events and film screenings, and we’re over the moon to be hosting their 2022 festival right here at Depot.

WOFFF addresses the ageism and sexism many women face in the film industry. It screens films celebrating older women on both sides of the camera. WOFFF believes inclusive spaces to watch films together and conversations between generations of women can help make older and younger women feel less isolated and feel more connected.

Tickets for WOFFF 2022

Save £10 with the WOFFF All Day Pass, which gives you access to all of the paid for WOFFF events at Depot – Programme 1, 2, 3 and Panel Event!


Sat 24 September

Save £10 with the WOFFF All Day Pass, which gives you access to all of the paid for WOFFF events at Depot – Programme 1, 2, 3 and Panel Event!

WOFFF Programme 1


The Truth Will Out

Secrets of love, loneliness, family, power and state. All will be revealed.

Face It – Abbey – Jason Edwards

Three Women – Annika Lewandowski

Looking for Barbara – Helen Kilbride

Bob Bobbin and the Christmas Stocking – Linda McCarthy

Housemaid #2 – Roxanne Stam

What is Left – That also goes – Caroline Penn

Rue – Casey Eldridge

Blind as a Beat – Jessi Gutch, Liz Jackson

WOFFF Programme 2


What we made. What we destroyed

Precious, fragile things – ecosystems, works of art, our minds, our hearts, the digital world, a family – are ours to care for or crush.

Jazmin – Nicole Sullivan

AI and I – Cecelia Condit

Topping Out – Kerry Fox

Killing Myself Laughing – Maria Viola Craig

Birds – Tyro Heath

Flour & Mush – Emily Wong

Split – Clare Holman

WOFFF Programme 3



Imaginary castles, homes full of love, being understood, a world at peace or at war. Our visions can be full and rich or slowly fading to black.

Her Majesty – Rebekah Fortune

The pigeon lady – Giulia Brazzale

Treasure – Samantha Moore

Mary Anne & Frank – Jingjing Tian

War Heroes – Wessel Van Wanrooij

We are here but we are lost – Sally Patterson, Joe Baxter

Cuban American Gothic – Maria Teresa Rodriguez

Panel Event - 15:30

The WOFFF22 panel will feature stories and insights into the highs and lows of working as an older woman in film and TV. Our celebrity guest are:

Clare Holman (The Crown, Lewis)
Debbie Honeywood (Sorry We Missed You).
Kerry Fox (An Angel At My Table, Shallow Grave)
All three women are featured in front or behind the camera in films screening at Depot on 24th September: Split directed by Clare Holman; Topping Out directed by Kerry Fox and Birds starring Debbie Honeywood.

The panel chair is Thomasina Gibson, writer, producer and director and WOFFF Board Member.

Clare Holman

Actor, Director and Writer

Clare has been acting for over 30 years in film, TV, and Theatre in such acclaimed titles as “Morse”, “Lewis”, “Sherwood”, “The Little Drummer Girl”, “Cursed” and “Censor”. Clare’s directing and writing started with the short “The Escort’ starring Lesley Manville which won many awards on the festival circuit and which led to her directing the TV series Doctors and Holby City.

“I’m totally delighted to be on the WOFFF22 panel. As a woman over 50 it is especially important to me to champion older women in all aspects of the profession. It is vital that we see and hear the unseen or unheard stories of older women and allow the vast experience and talent of older women in the profession to shine.”

Debbie Honeywood


Debbie landed the female lead role of ‘Abby’ in Ken Loach film, “Sorry We Missed You” – her first acting role which saw her shortlisted as Best Actress at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. She subsequently played ‘Veronica’ in the BBC 2 drama “Responsible Child” before playing leading roles in the films “Birds” by Tyro Heath and the forthcoming “Refuge” written and directed by Jack Hartley. She has recently teamed up again with Ken Loach on his latest film, “The Old Oak”.

“I’m a new to Club 50, and new to the acting too. It’s encouraging to see so much creativity and women supporting each other at this festival. It’s important to tell the stories of different woman’s experiences, journeys and backgrounds.

Kerry Fox

Actor and Director

Kerry’s on screen collaborations have led to competition entries in the world’s most prestigious film festivals;  Jessica Hausner’s “Little Joe” at Cannes; Billie Piper’s “Rare Beasts” at Venice and Miranda Tapsell’s “Top End Wedding” at Sundance. This follows a career of award-winning performances after first starring in Jane Campion’s “An Angel at My Table” and Danny Boyles’ “Shallow Grave”, Micheal Winterbottom’s “Welcome To Sarajevo” and “Intimacy” by Patrice Chéreau, for which she was awarded Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival. 

“Imagine a panel of just women. Imagine that panel were all over 50 years old and had been working in film and television for all of their adult lives. Imagine how enriching, inspiring and fulfilling it would be to be a part of that panel to share and receive that unfathomable wealth of knowledge and experience. I should be so lucky.”

Awards Ceremony - 18:45