The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme

Always Evolving

Japanese Cinema Then, Now and for the Future.
Celebrating 20 years of Dedication to Japanese Cinema.

23 February – 7 March 2023

こんにちは! よろしく お願いします。We invite you to join us at Depot for another year of exciting screenings from The Japan Foundation!

The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme was born in 2004 and with the 2023 version, we are celebrating its 20th birthday! The programme for the year 2023 will present the interesting trajectory of Japanese cinema mainly in the 21st century, posing the question of where cinema will go in the future to mark one big stage of this programme.

This years programme overviews the course of Japanese cinema mainly in the past 20 years, showcasing some recently released films and  some slightly older films which the programme couldn’t take up back then; from Ozu-type family drama to Jidaigeki (period drama) and Yakuza films, films on commonly identified social issues in contemporary Japan to LGBTQ, which has seen a sharp rise in Japanese cinema recently.

From the voices of veteran directors to emerging talent, each film selected is a representation of Japanese cinema of that year and each is linked to the past themes for the programme.

We hope you enjoy this season’s selection!

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