The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2024

Unforgettable: Memories,

Times and Reflections in Japanese Cinema

Experience Japan Through Cinema.

At Depot from Sunday 3 – Thursday 14 March 2024

こんにちは! よろしく お願いします。The UK’s largest festival of Japanese cinema, the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme (JFTFP24), returns with its biggest showcase ever! We invite you to join us at Depot for another year of exciting screenings.

Memories play a powerful role in the mind. Shaped fluidly by individuals or time, they have been a source of inspiration for many filmmakers, fuelling their creativity to craft colourful stories.

The JFTFP24 delves into Japanese cinema to explore how memories are employed in the cinematic voices of Japanese filmmakers, from films where memories are a focal point to works where they play a subliminal role in driving or affecting people’s minds and behaviour.

With an incredibly diverse range of films all based on memories, time, and reflections, this year’s programme is set to provide UK audiences with memorable stories and unforgettable moments.

We hope you enjoy this season’s selection!

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