Sunday 22 Oct 15:00

The Lewes craftsman behind the flint work used in the construction of the award-winning Depot is to give a talk at the cinema he helped create.

David Smith, who runs The Flintman Company specialising in the conservation and restoration of flint, will be in conversation with Depot director Carmen Slijpen.

Flint is a quintessential part of the Sussex landscape and defines the character of Lewes. It is for these very reasons why flint was an integral part of the design of the Depot. This talk will provide a flint knapper’s insight into understanding the medium, why and how it has been used at Depot. It will also look at other previous Flintman projects and the unusual and sometimes bizarre architectural flint buildings within the UK. You may never look at flint the same way again.

Based in Lewes, The Flintman Company is dedicated to raising the profile of flint and lime, preserving traditional techniques as well as to exploring innovative ways to use flint in contemporary construction. They have worked on projects both in the UK and abroad, most recently in Japan. They have won numerous awards for various projects. Of recent note is the flint work at Depot. Recent awards include the RIBA awards in 2016 for House 19 in Amersham and in 2015 they won the RIBA House of the Year, as main flint contractor with The Flint House.

The talk is part of a series of events themed ‘get to know Depot’ and takes place on Sunday 22 October at 15:00 in the Studio. Places available on a first come, first served basis.

David appeared on Lewes community radio station Rocket FM to talk about his work on the Depot.

> Listen to David’s interview