Saturday 7 Sept 14:00-17:00


Part of Reeves Lightbox exhibition of archive photographs Lewes High Street: Retail Retold

An event showcasing Lewes campaign groups and businesses who promote a more sustainable model of shopping and consuming, including:

  • Plastic Free Lewes – reducing use of single-use plastic
  • Dolly – recycling and reusing clothes and fabrics
  • KnowTrash – art made from recycled objects from around the world
  • Bike Repair – giving bicycles a new lease of life
  • Landport Repair Café –  reusing household items

Make, Do and Mend kickstarts an online directory of where you can reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and refurbish in Lewes. The event will encourage you to think again about what you might throw away … but which could be reused!

The Reeves Archive photographs from 1860 to 1960 show the importance of the High Street in the social and economic life of Lewes. This unique collection highlights the diversity of shops and businesses in the town; at one point there were 17 greengrocers and 18 butchers selling locally grown food – and there were 11 bus routes.