Wednesday 15 May

Depot is to give visitors a taste of Polish cuisine – and an insight into the country’s history – at a special ‘food+film’ supper club event.

Pierogi (Polish dumplings) and stuffed cabbage, along with herring salad and vegetarian alternatives, are to feature in a one-off menu created by Polish chef Marcin Nowak. The meal is followed by a screening of The Last Witness, a political thriller based on the harrowing true events of the Katyn Massacre in Spring 1940. The evening concludes with a Q&A with BAFTA nominated director Piotr Szkopiak.

The meal begins at 19:00 and costs £15 (bookings for the meal have now closed). The Last Witness is screened at 20:30 (normal cinema ticket prices apply).


About The Last Witness:

In post-war England, ambitious journalist Stephen Underwood comes across a disturbing spate of suicides by Polish soldiers. Sensing a story, his investigation escalates as he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous, multi-layered conspiracy concerning the execution of 22,000 Polish military and civilians by Stalin’s secret police. Political thriller based on the harrowing true events of the Katyn Massacre in Spring 1940.

Awarded Best Picture and Best Director at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2018; Best Feature Film at the Miami Independent Film Festival 2018 and Best British Feature at the London Independent Film Awards 2018.


Polish tasting plate:

Vegetarian option:

  • Pierogi – Dumplings (mushroom and cabbage)
  • Vegetables Stuffed cabbage, tomato sauce
  • Beetroot, potato, onion salad
  • Sauerkraut and carrot salad
    Meat and dairy option:

    • Pierogi – Dumplings (cottage cheese and potatoes)
    • Pork Stuffed cabbage, tomato sauce
    • Herring salad (marinated herring, onion potatoes)
    • Sausage selection