Depot has invested in a new electronic point-of-sale system which will enable staff to take food and drink orders anywhere in the building.

Customers can order from wherever they are seated in the building – in the restaurant, the gallery or out on the terrace. The need to queue at the bar is eliminated.

The introduction of table service, from Monday 2 July, is one of a number of changes in the restaurant aimed at improving the customer experience. The new system enables customers to run a tab and split the bill. The position of the tills has been reconfigured so that, for those who still want to order at the bar, it is clearer where to queue.

To reflect the fact that dishes are prepared from scratch on the premises, with an emphasis on fresh, locally and ethically sourced produce, the restaurant and café operation will now be known as Depot Kitchen and Bar.

Depot has recently welcomed new restaurant manager Andy Pollexfen (pictured) to its team. Andy says: “With the new system, we’ll be able to make sure you have what you need during your time with us. If you want another glass of wine, a dessert or the bill … we can do all that without you having to queue. We’re really excited by these changes and we welcome feedback from our customers.”

“We’ll also be starting occasional supper clubs, where customers can come and taste specially prepared, always tasty (sometimes surprising!) dishes – paired with great wines, sherries, beers or whatever works best.”