Depot has unveiled its programme of dementia-friendly screenings for the first half of 2020, including classics Singin’ in the Rain, The King and I and Calamity Jane; the family favourite Mary Poppins; and the more recent hit Mamma Mia!

At Depot’s dementia-friendly screenings, experienced practitioner Suzy Harvey brings the action on screen to life in the auditorium, provoking memories and encouraging engagement. Each guest is given a bag of props to immerse themselves in the films and involve them with the joy of cinema. Family members and friends are welcome to join in the fun.

For these special screenings, the auditorium lights are on a half setting throughout the film and the sound is slightly quieter. There is a relaxed attitude to noise and audience members are free to move around and come and go. There is a quiet area outside the screen for anyone who needs a break. Dementia trained Depot staff and volunteers are on hand.

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